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HDSew PowerQuilter Sewing Machine

Are you searching for a heavy duty, industrial strength sewing machine with 13 built in stitches? If so, the HDSew PowerQuilter is just for you. Many sewing machines in today's market use plastic gears, plastic housings, and plastic internal parts. If you are sewing heavy materials, in just a couple of years-these plastic gears will crack, resulting in costly repair charges. The HDSew PowerQuilter is designed with all metal gears and parts-just like the durable older generation sewing machines. We are committed to providing sewing machines with "lifetime use" in mind. With high quality housing and all metal internal parts, you can be rest assured that this sewing machine will handle all your heavy duty projects for years to come.

The HDSew PowerQuilter is built with 13 different stitches. You can use all these stitches and sew up to 3/16" (5mm) of thicknesses. This machine is designed to sew heavy duty materials such as tent materials, sunbrella, canvas, vinyls, tarps, heavy clothing, various boating materials, soft to medium leather products, suede, upholstery, denims- and even lightweight materials such as silks, stretch materials, and cottons. If your application requires you to sew a thickness of greater than 5mm, please refer to our HDSew PortaWalker machine.

This machine will fit in our Free Arm Carrying Case which is located in the related item section of this page. The case makes will keep your machine safe from harm and will help you lug around your machine from room to room. We offer size 10,12,14,16,18, and 19 needles. Make sure and choose the correct size (link)needles for your application. Once you place your order we will completely stitch in your sewing machine for you. We will ship your new machine via FedEx the very next business day. It will be ready to use immediately upon arrival.

HDSew PowerQuilter Specifications
The HDSew PowerQuilter Sewing Machine Includes:
Motor Specifications
110V Current
HDSew PowerQuilter Machine
Needle Type and Size
Standard 15x1 | Size 10-19
Recommended Thread
Up to Size 50
Instruction Manual
Presser Foot
Standard Presser Foot
Pack of 14 Size Needle
General Specifications
Four Bobbins
18 Lbs
Bed Size
14.5" | 370mm
Vinyl Cover
7" Gate
Seam Ripper
Stitch Length
Variable Foot Controller
Stitch Width
Extra Sewing Felts
Presser Foot Lift
Buttonhole Foot
Hook Type
Oiling Procedure
Manual | Oil Included
Shipping | Leadtime
FedEx Ground
Shipped Next Business Day
Tracking Number
Provided via Email | Day after Purchase
Lead Time
East Coast 4-5 Business Days | West Coast 1-3 Business Days
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