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Should I Purchase a Walking Foot Sewing Machine by HDSew

Are household sewing machines giving you problems? Maybe you attempting to sew 5mm of leather products – and you just keep skipping stitches and breaking needles. Don’t worry the problem is not you! You are just using a sewing machined not equipped to sew such a project. Many of our customers are sewing for business or income purposes. You really have to use the right tools for each sewing application. Check the gears and the assembly of your sewing machine- if you see any plastic assemblys or gears- it’s not you- it’s definitely your sewing machine.

Maybe you asked a friend or researched the internet…but you need a heavy duty sewing machine- a machine with all metal gears and internal parts. Next thing you should ask yourself is “what type of material am I sewing, how coarse is the material, and how many mm of thickess am I trying to sew?” These are the most important things to know when you pick out your next sewing machine.

For example, if you know that you are only going to sew 3mm thickness of lets say-denim material. You’ll need a heavy duty household sewing machine such as the HDSew PowerQuilter or HDSew PowerZigZag. These two machines will completely handle this application. But let’s say sometimes you have projects like canvas or leather materials up to 5-6mm in thickness. You will need the HDSew PortaWalker Walking Foot Sewing Machine. This portable industrial walking foot machine comes equipped with two very important mechanisms.

The first important mechanism is a built in walking foot. This two piece walking foot mechanism is composed of two sides- the inner side which holds down the fabric, and the outer side which helps feed the fabric through the sewing zone. The slippage is minimal due to the HD grips on the bottom of the walking foot. Your ultimate benefit in using this built in walking foot is even feeding and high quality stitches. The second important mechanism in our PortaWalker machine is a geared belt pulley system. Most sewing machines use a normal belt pulley system with no gears. When you use a geared system, you get ultimate penetration power so your needle doesn’t bend or break.

So just remember, if you are trying to sew 5-6mm thick you’ll need the HDSew PortaWalker sewing machine. The benefits you’ll receive from the built in walking foot mechanism and and the geared belt pulley will enable you to sew heavy duty projects for canvas, leather, boating materials, bags, camping equipment and much more. There is zero substitute for a built in walking foot. Normal household sewing machines don’t compare on any level. This is why it’s important to first ask yourself— “what type of material am I sewing, how thick in mm, and how coarse”. If you have any questions on which HDSew machine to purchase, please Email HDSew here.

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Welcome to the HDSew Blog | Heavy Duty and Industrial Sewing Machines

Welcome to’s Blog! I know, it’s been a long time coming-we finally got around to launching this blog. Please continue to check this blog for application questions from our customers, product information, and general sewing machine knowledge.

First a little overview…HDSew is committed to providing our customers with the most reliable sewing machines in the market. We pride ourselves on offering only “quality built” machines. All of our machines use metal gears and the housing is made out of metal/cast iron. After over 40 years in the sewing machine business, we know that all metal parts and construction guarantees’ a longer life from a sewing machine. Machines built with plastic gears and housing last about 5 years—-and watch out for repair charges at that point! So if you are looking for a sewing machine that will last you years and years and years of sewing…you’ve come to the right place. Our machines are battleship strong!

If you are looking for a portable walking foot industrial sewing machine, with 6-8mm of sewing thickess capability… you are going to want to take a look at our HDSew PortaWalker 7″ or for our flagship product…with two extra inches of sewing room…take a look at our HDSew PortaWalker 9″ sewing machine. These machines come equipped with built in walking foot…which gives you ultimate feeding power. This walking foot grabs the material from the top and the bottom of the material-for even and powerful feeding ability. These machines also come with a geared belt pulley….which will give you more penetration power. The HDSew PortaWalker is a great machine for sewing heavy duty leather, canvas, boat materials, cushions, upholstery work, curtains, heavy denim, and may more materials.

If you are looking for a heavy duty industrial strength sewing machine take a look at our HDSew PowerQuilter or our HDSewPowerZigZag sewing machines. These machines have a capability of sewing 4-5mm thick, depending on the coarseness of your material. If you only need a zigzag/straight stitch…the PowerZigZag is a great machine to sew your heavy duty fabrics. If you are looking for multiple stitches take a look at our PowerQuilter sewing machine.

We have a great support team with a sewing technician who has been in the business for over 40 years. Whatever your application (material) you might have a question on…please email us and we can assist you with your sewing machine selection and techniques. Please let us know what type of material you are sewing, for which type of application, and how many mm of thickness you are trying to sew together. We will get back to you no more than 24 hours…usually right away.

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